Industrial Designs

The protection of an industrial design is related to preserving the value of a product based on the aesthetic design of it. For example, motor car designs are commonly protected as industrial designs to prevent competitors from cloning the design and simply re-branding it. Consumers tend to purchase items based on how attractive it is. These items include shoes, clothes, electronics, perfumes and jewelry. Therefore, it is understandable that a designer would want to protect the rights in their creative work.

Industrial design protection is typically sought when a product will be reproduced on a commercial scale since the protection is done to prevent exact replicas of the registered design. The time period for protection is limited, generally to 15 years maximum, with some countries requiring renewals at 5-year intervals within that time. Although this period may seem very short, a rights holder can still strategize ways to continue commercializing the rights to their creative work based on the copyright protection which exists for a much longer period.