Monitoring and Enforcement

Taking steps to protect your intellectual property (IP) is an important aspect of preserving the rights and value of that IP. However without vigilant enforcement when there are breaches of the rights by a third party, the effort of protecting the IP becomes less useful. The benefit of protection exists in the ability to choose who can and cannot be authorized to access and use that IP. For example, if an exclusive agreement has been signed with a manufacturer to produce a product which is based on a registered design, then failing to enforce against another manufacturer producing the product without permission may be a breach of contract and result in drastic losses.

It can be very difficult to monitor one or several products in various jurisdictions to ensure that there is no breach of IP rights occurring there. Some jurisdictions, including Belize, have provisions for the border authorities to monitor the entry of goods and to identify and report those which are, to their knowledge, illicit. CILGlobal IP offers the service of effecting a recordal of intellectual property rights with Belizean border authorities to allow for increased vigilance for our clients’ rights at land, sea, and air ports of entry. We have a phased procedure where we inform our clients each step of the way as to the status of monitoring, any matters needing reporting/instruction, and then the legal enforcement against the illicit traders through criminal and/or civil means. We take the process to full completion for our clients’ which includes observing and verifying the destruction or delivery up of the illicit goods based on clients’ instructions.